Growing in mission

We didn't become missionaries out of the blue. God worked on us for a long period of time. Then we started dreaming and met others who were dreaming along the same lines as we were. God backed this up with supporters who would make the sacrifices for this to be possible. Along the way we’ve been influenced by people, travel, books, and classes. Don’t underestimate who or what God might use to redirect the course of your life.

We’re still learning and growing, and we don’t think we’ll ever be ready to call it quits. We invite you to learn and grow alongside us.


There are three books that have had an enormous influence on who we are and what we want to be about. When people ask us “what do you recommend I read to learn more about mission?” we’ll inevitably mention one (or all) of these books.



In the spring of 2011 we took a three month-long course called “Perspectives,” and we loved it. This class is offered all over the US as well as in different countries across the globe. It’s about the best class we know of that works through mission as the story of God, history of mission, anthropology and strategy, all in 15 weeks. Find a course near you.

N.t. Wright online:

We haven’t tried this out yet, but starting in March N.T. Wright is offering classes online. There’s a tentative schedule that goes through 2017, so be sure and see if there’s a class that piques your interest. 

Learn a new language

El gato come un ratón. Mi perro come el gato. Yo no soy un ratón.
— A recent message from Jeremy's mom, who's doing Duolingo

It’s never too late to learn a new language. In fact, one way to learn more about God is to try to learn a new language. Every language points to people and a culture which God created. Even knowing just a few words will open up opportunities for you to make someone’s day just a bit better. Learning isn’t just a process with defined limits, it’s an attitude. And learning a new language can give you the attitude of humility and vulnerability that is really missing in the world. 

Don’t know where to start? We recommend Duolingo. It’s free and fun.