Come to the Table

Some of the best memories of my life have been made around a table—meals about which I can’t help but say “What a feast!” Before reading this book, I hadn’t connected my own experience of community around the table with the Bible’s motif of table fellowship. John Mark Hicks connects the dots for us from the table to God’s story and invites us to reclaim the Lord’s Supper as a missional meal of which Jesus is the host.

In Arequipa we're a part of house churches. Generally speaking 8-12 people meet in any given home sometime on a Sunday. There may be singing, prayer, a Bible study, and other things we're accustomed to as part of "church." The focus, however, is on a meal, be it a breakfast, lunch, or evening tea. And as part of that meal we share bread and wine, following the example of the early Christians in their acknowledgement of Jesus's presence with his people. 

This book will give you a sense of why we do what we do, the theology behind, and the rich examples in scripture that make this an exciting subject to study.