Today is the Day

We have been planning for years for what we are beginning today. We cannot believe that it’s here. We have felt so loved and supported and know we wouldn’t have been able to do this without prayers from all of you. We feel excited and nervous and ready but knowing we have so much to learn. 

As I write this we are sitting in the Miami airport waiting to board the plane that will take us to Peru where we plan to live for the next five to ten years working to start some new churches and do community development work in Arequipa, Peru. 

We invite you to follow along here on this blog and also with our team newsletter. Email us to encourage us or ask questions or to fill us in on what is going on in your life because we want to know. 

So here’s to today for today is the day.

PS - Jeremy documented the trip with photos and commentary on Storehouse. You can view that here: