One way to give to us is by giving to CUDA. While two churches have committed to supporting us financially, a lot of the work we want to do is through CUDA, and CUDA still needs funding. 

In light of books such as When Helping Hurts, best practices in development, and the possibility of doing harm with blind giving, we vouch for CUDA and work hand in hand with these projects. In particular, Katie is in the process of developing a community health project that in time will need support. Jeremy is actually on CUDA’s board of directors which means he has a voice regarding the long-term future of current projects and how your gift now will impact future endeavors. 


The world is full of brokenness, corruption, poverty, and hopelessness. The same is true in Arequipa. At the same time, the world is full of agents of hope trying to work toward joy, well-being, justice, and peace. The Christian Urban Development Association (CUDA, for short) works in sustainable ways to bring reconciliation to communities in Arequipa. 
We currently work in the areas of education, microfinance, and health. In each of these areas we’re dedicated to building relationships with people, not just carrying out projects. We believe this is key if we’re going to aim for long-term solutions as opposed to short-term gains. 


CUDA’s budget for 2015 is set but not all funds have been raised in order for us to do the work we’ve planned to do. CUDA has a diversified income stream to pay for operating costs, employee salaries, and project expenses, which includes running a language school, selling coffee stateside, grants, and individual donors. 

We invite you to become a part of that group of donors who have chosen to be a part of holistic development in Arequipa, Peru. 

Do you drink coffee?

Your choice of which coffee to start your day with can benefit CUDA. Find out more