Sharing Adileen Over Her First Ten Days

We had a baby! Adileen Kate Daggett was born at 18:46 on 21 January 2016. She weighed 3,030grams, or about 6lbs and 11 ounces. She was 50cm long (19.7") and that noggin was 35cm around. Adileen is amazing, Katie is my hero, and we were well taken care of by the team at Clinica Arequipa. I wrote a bit more about the delivery and our first day at home on our Tiny Letter

Ten days in we're ever more amazed that this little human being living with us is our daughter. 

We're all a little tired but things are going well.

My mother-in-law Ann arrived the day Adileen was born, and yesterday my father-in-law Kin got here. They've been a huge help so far and we're glad they can be here with us. Adileen has been eating and sleeping well, and our collective goal has been to make sure Katie's getting as rested as possible—she's the uncontested, unanimously voted MVP (the runner-up is probably the swaddle we use for Adileen at night). 

It's been an exciting first week and a half. We've all been learning lots (breastfeeding for Katie, diaper-changing for me, speaking Spanish and using the Apple TV for Ann). Adileen is pretty curious as newborns come. She looks around a lot, likes music (Adele, Mumford, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars), and I'm fairly certain she understands both English and Spanish. That said, I'm not sure she knows she has hands (nervous Dad has been hiding their existence from her for the better part of ten days). 

20 hours after we arrived to the hospital with Katie in labor, we were home with Adileen snoozing in our arms. We've been so thankful to have gotten to share her with family and friends (neighbors, teammates, church family, and other good friends from our first year in Arequipa). Some of our closest family (like my parents and siblings) have only gotten to meet her on FaceTime so far, but were thankful for the welcome reception we've had by so many.

This post is dedicated to all those who have made Adileen's first ten days so special—whether they're pictured here or not. 

Katie and I are so thankful for all of you have thought about us and prayed for Adileen. We're honored to have gotten to share her over the last few days and we can't wait to get to introduce her to even more of our family, friends, and supporters over the coming weeks, months, and years. 

PS - A special photo shout-out to some cousins (and a nonna!) who have gotten to meet Adileen over FaceTime.