Here We Go Again

We have been married now for 1,185 days. And in those wonderful 1,185 days
it seems as though we haven’t stopped going. And here we go again.

It has almost been as if, just as we are getting settled into our life, God
provides an opportunity for us to go again.

We have been stretched and pushed and stressed, but at the same time we
have experienced love and grace and growth and peace. And this is where our
hope rests. In a God that provides strength through his love and very Being.

We have a God who is at work in this world to make His name known so His
glory and honor can fill the earth. He is on a mission, and has been since
the beginning of time, to bring His creation, humanity, from every nation
and tribe and language into His presence and into relationship with Him.
And since we believe this, how could our mission not be the same?

For the next 99 days we will be leading a group of 27 college students on
their study abroad semester in Zambia. Jeremy will be teaching Missionary
Anthropology and Communication in Culture. I will be teaching a
conditioning class. We both will be the on-site directors for the program,
planning and organizing the semester class schedule and trips, responsible
for returning all 27 students home safely on November 26. We’re honored to
have this opportunity and so excited to live and learn and work in Zambia
with this incredible group.

There may be times that we will be uncomfortable. We will be pressed, and
challenged, and tested, but we take joy in the fact that God has filled us
with his Holy Spirit, that will guide and direct us. We go humbly as
learners and servants to let God’s glory shine and His name to be known.

So here we go. Never to be so comfortable in this life that we forget to
live for the One who gave it to us.